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   Battlefield 2 picks up where Battlefield VietNam left off with a whole mess of goodies thrown in. This time the setting is modern troops & equipment. As any sequel should, this game rocks the Sandbox. First there is a "Commander Mode" where you can act as the commanding brass in the theatre of action. In your commander console, you will have a birds eye view of the battlefield, and be able to direct your troops to the hot spots, and things that just need to be killed in general. You will be able to scan the battlefield for enemy activity using the Satellite or UAV drone and drop artillery on the enemy, or supplies & vehicles for your troops (You better take good care of them too, because they can mutiny against you). While you can still exit the commander console & go FPS, the commander's job is a full time job. And neglecting your duties as commander can cost you the battle. So find a good hiding spot and get busy!... Uhh... Sir!

   The troops are made up of real live human beings in internet multiplay. They have joined your brigade to hone their fighting skills & prove what fighting men they really are. All the while making a name for themselves and a ranking in the process (These soldiers really want that promotion!). The troops will have a wide range of modern battlefield weapons and vehicles available to them, to use in any manner that will give them a win against their opponents.

   There is however what you might call battlefield etiquette, such as not attacking the enemy encampment (UnCap = Uncapturable base) until your team has all of the Spawn Points (Flags). This battlefield etiquette varies depending what server you are on. And of course there will be cheaters as long as there are games (Arobicfish & Kawasaki of the Profit clan are both stat padders!). So read the server rules before joining a game, or ask once you are in game, so your honest mistakes are not viewed as cheating to make up for lack of skill!

   Opponents?... And then there were three! That's right there will be the United States, the Chinese and the Middle East Coalition. Depending on the map you are playing, you will be able to choose from one of these three when picking teams. But the battle will always be between two teams with the American team as one of them. Hmmm... Perhaps a mod for all three teams at once, ala Starcraft. Are you listening EA Games?... This should make the battlefield a very crowded place! Each of the choices will have their own weapon models and vehicles to choose from. Each weapon having their own strengths and weaknesses.

   And now we come to the part that the thrill seekers will love... Game Stunts! Yes you guessed it. People (and developers) are always looking for a way to make a game more fun and exciting. So there is a community of people who have found stunts that can be done in game. From parachuting off of a building into the seat of a tank, to aircraft stunts, it's out there folks! And there some videos below to prove it. Please enjoy them if you have time for the download.

   With all the features Battlefield2 has, the Army may as well scrap the America's Army code and put EA Games on the payroll. Battlefield2 is available now for download or check your local gaming store. I'll definitely be enlisting to go on this mission for sure! So what are you waiting for private?... Hurry up and wait, or you'll be scrubbing the latrine with your toothbrush! (Yuck).

Check out the screen shots, and in game trailers below.

Battlefield2 Game Screenshot: Manuevering To Fire

Battlefield2 Game Screenshot: Sniper!

Battlefield2 Game All IGN Screen Shots

Battlefield2 Vehicles LowRes Video Clip.wmv 6.54MB

Battlefield2 Trailer LowRes Video Clip.wmv 10.9MB

Battlefield2 Game Stunts

BF2 Game Stunt  Riding The UAV By Google Video 3MB

BF2 Game Stunt  Riding The UAV.avi By Fraps.com 3MB

BF2 Game Stunt  Jet Video.wmv By BobTheSecond 18MB

BF2 Game Stunt  Aerialistic.wmv By Sir Community 45MB

BF2 Game Stunt  BF2 Explosives.mpg By Guildunknown.com 125MB

Battlefield2 Game Maps

BF2 Game Map  Revenge In Eltaksim By BierPizzaChips 83MB

BF2 Game Map  X-07 MapPack By X-07.  349MB  [ Preview Pic]

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