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     Doom3 takes place on a Mars military science base, and you are playing the role of the Noobie security officer replacement. Thing are a bit slow at first as you report to Reception and Inprocessing to receive your PDA. You will need to check your PDA occasionally as it has the ability to download helpful information from other PDA's you will find in your travels through the base.

     After you read the computer screen over his shoulder, the reception desk Sgt. will tell you to hurry up and report to the base commander, but you can take your time and stop off at the kitchen/break room to chat with the guys and play some "Super Turbo Turkey Puncher3" (Just imagine Arnold trying to say that 3 times fast).

     After you finally decide to report to the base commander, you will find yourself in deep, as he orders you on your first mission, into the basement to find a wayward scientist. Thats when all hell breaks loose, Literally! You will then have to make your way through the base, using whatever supplies you can find in the various storage lockers (Courtesy of You should try to rescue any trapped base personnel you encounter along the way, because some of them will have helpful information.

It has been reported that the note below was found in the Hell Caverns. That poor Bastard! I hope he made it out OK.


     I have been in these hellish caverns for.... Well it must be days now. To be completely honest, I have lost track of all time at this point. And the other team members are nowhere to be found. Only bits and pieces of equipment strewn all about, are the only sign that we were ever here. The nightmarish sights I have seen can only be rivaled by the tortured sounds of this place. And yet something tracks my progress through this Horrifying world. I have not seen it, but have heard and sensed it in the shadows following me. My only hope is that Dr. Bertruger will send the relief and resupply units I requested. I'm just glad that I turned in the life insurance upgrade paperwork to Dr. Bertruger, so that my family will taken care of if I do not make it out of here alive.

Hopefully, you, or at least someone will find this.
and hopefully this is not...

Farewell My Friend!
Liberate Tute' Me, Ex Inferus!


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Just Like Your Home Smoke Detector

Ceiling Alarm

Union Break Time?

Just Hanging Around

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Human Snausages

Purina Spider Chow?

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You're No Good

Girl Gone Bad

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Spoiled Soylant Green

What A Mess

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I'm A Good Man!

Damn It Boy, Get That Light Outa My Eyes

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I Am The Key Master, Are You The Gate Keeper?

Hells Gate. Knock, Knock, Knocking On Hells Door!

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No Electricity In Hell?

If You Try Hard, You Can Make It To Hell Too!

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