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   Quake 4, the long awaited seqeul to Quake 2, is built on the DOOM 3 engine. Anyone who has played through Quake2 on the PC or Nintendo64, can tell you that the Jail or Detention level of Q2 was considered by many to be "Disturbing". ID & Raven software have written this aspect into the game as a twist of fate for the main character, Matthew Kane (see the Quake4 E3- BLOOD -trailer below).

   He is an elite member of Earth's combat invasion force named Rhino Squad. The battle goes as usual, Fighting along side your squad mates and in hover tanks and mechanized walkers, engaging the enemy deep into the heart of the Strogg war machine. After Matthew gets captured, he wakes up on a Strogg assembly line. Having been retrofitted with Strogg weapons & gear, he is about to be "Programmed" by the Strogg computer, which in turn would erase his mind. The twist comes when an attack on the facility prevents this from happening. So now he can bring about the defeat of the Strogg, after having become like them. A marine-turned-Strogg with enhanced abilities and the power to turn the tide of the war..

Enemy Territory - Quake Wars:

   Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is a multiplayer only game featuring the Armies of Earth vs the invading Strogg. As an Earth Defense Force soldier or an invading Strogg, you will have choice of one of five classes of soldier. There will be Medics, Heavy weapon soldiers, Engineers, Snipers, and Grunts. There are over 40 conventional vehicles, structures, and defense systems. Battle assets your teams will have available are, Bases, Defense Structures, Artillery, Early warning systems like radar, and advanced forward-command systems. Your teams will be able to construct and demolishing obstacles to gain a tactical advantage over the enemy.

View the screen shots, and game trailers below.

In Game Screen Shots

Strogg Walker
Battle At Big Gun
Strogg Soldier Fires A Volley
Corridor Battle
Strogg Soldier Returns Fire
Strogg Berserker Kills
Strogg "Medic"
Strogg "Medic" 2

- Enemy Territory Quake Wars -

Check Your Six, Often!
Go, Go, Go!

Game Trailers
- Rated M, Mature audiences ONLY! -

Created for War, Fueled by BLOOD - Q4 E3 Trailer -75Mb
Quake4 Teaser Trailer -1.9Mb
Quake4 ID-CEO Interview -20Mb

- E3 2005, Enemy Territory Quake Wars -

ET Quake Wars Trailer_Low -9Mb
ET Quake Wars Trailer_High -16.5Mb
ETQuakeWars ID-CEO Interview -35.6Mb

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