Return To Castle Wolfenstein!
Assembled By VICE

      Return To Castle Wolfenstein was a great take on the occult aspect of WWII Germany. The storyline of the game has you going behind enemy lines as a secret agent (of course). Your mission is to wreak havoc on Hitler's plans to use occult powers to raise an army of the dead and create new secret weapons.

      It isn't until you break the outer layers of security, that you find the Germans maintain precarious control of their evil projects, a control that could be lost at any moment. The various levels of resistance you will face range from the most diehard Reich fighters to the poor schlups who are just following orders. Orders that will eventually make them zombie fodder. And now it's up to you to help them lose that control and send them spiraling towards utter failure!

Did You Hear Zatt?

Whats That Noise?

Achh Yuchh!

Something Was Hungry

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A Bump In The Night

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Achh Scheiss

They're Heeere!

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