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About VICE

    I have been playing video games since just before they invented Atari. But then havenít we all?

    I recently retired from the Army National Guard. I collect guns and enjoy marksmanship (Target) Practice. I have also studied the Martial Arts since the age of 9. The Martial Arts has taught me alot about self control, and being able to concentrate on something you want to do until you can. I don't think I could have acheived all that I have in life without my Martial Arts Training!

    I have earned a certification in Sport Diving, with the world class diving organization NAUI. What an awesome, humbling, and surreal experience! Imagine your everday world under 60ft of water... It doesn't sound like alot, but when your 60ft down and you look up as you exhale, you begin to understand what an amazing world you have entered, and hope you chose good Dive Gear! If you ever have the opportunity to, you should try it! Check out my Online Dive Logs

    I upgrade/tweak my computer and play computer games as a hobby. I have built 4 computers for myself, 8 for friends and family, and rebuilt and upgraded a forgotten number of others. I still get asked, at least once a day to look at, fix or repair someone's computer.

    On occassion I have been known to enjoy a well prepared glass of "Absinthe". Absinthe is a liquor made from herbs such as Wormwood, Anise, Fennel etc. I like only the Good Stuff! Not the cheap swill that some companies will try to sell you.

    I do enjoy tinkering with HTML code and I write and tweak my own web pages. I sometimes use "MS FrontPage" but I really hate the code bloat it leaves, so I mostly write everything by hand. If you should find something wrong on my site, please send me an E-Mail so I can fix it.


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