As My Dad Would Say...

"Screen Resolutions! Screen Resolutions!,
Again with the Screen Resolutions!"

   My Family and friends don't understand why I get perturbed with them, when I find them using a desktop screen resolution of "800x600". They tell me that they can't see the text very well. Then I explain to them that Windows has Tools for making the Text More Easily Readable, and they are trading desktop size for readablility. Thats about the time they look at me like a puppy that has just heard a strange noise, you know the head is tilted to the side... I think Dr. Smith said it best, "Oh, The Pain, The Pain!" Well anyway...

   This Black area represents a screen resolution size of 800x600. Now if all you see on your screen is black, your desktop resolution is most likely set at 800x600. You will also have the Up & Down, Left & Right scroll bars, and will need to use them to see the rest of the Blue and Green portions of the screen. Thats alot of scrolling isn't it? This resolution is usualy found on computers with CRT or older Laptop LCD monitors that have a 15 inch Diagonal screen measurement or less. This resolution is pretty much Old, Archaic, and used by people who refuse to change ( Dad ), or don't know any better, like the aforementioned Family & Friends.

   The Black and Blue area represents a screen size of 1024x768. If you see these areas, you have a desktop resolution of at least 1024x768. Basically you are seeing more of the screen and will not have to use the Up & Down, Left & Right scroll bars as much. This resolution is pretty much the standard for todays computers with CRT and some LCD monitors that have a 17 inch Diagonal screen measurement or more.

   The Black, Blue And Green Area of this background represent a screen resolution of 1280x1024. If you see these areas, you have plenty of desktop real estate! And you will probably not be needing those pesky scroll bars at all. Well, maybe the Up & Down bar on occassion. This resolution or something similar to it, is usually found on computers with CRT or LCD monitors that have a 17 or 19 inch Diagonal screen measurement, Or Higher. The Grey area's resolution will probably be found on monitors of 20 inches or higher. If you have one of these, you will probably Really Enjoy playing Half Life 2 on your monitor!

   About LCD monitors... LCD monitors have whats called a Native Resolution. This has nothing to do with Indians, rather it is a resolution that the monitor was Made To Display At, such as 1280x1024. You can switch to other screen resolutions on an LCD monitor, but doing so may make the text and graphics appear a little fuzzy or out of synch. I occassionally switch to other resolutions on my LCD monitor to see how things will be displayed in other resolutions when I'm writing HTML code (Web Pages). When I'm done coding I switch back to my monitors native resolution, so everything appears Crisp & Clear, just the way I like it! And That, my friends, is why You should always try to use the native resolution of an LCD monitor!

On To... The Tools, The Tools!


   In most, if not all windows versions, 9x-NT-2K-XP, you can change your desktop resolution by RIGHT clicking an empty area on the desktop. There may be more settings that I haven't covered here, which is why you should really read your windows manual. Consult the manual for your version if these steps are not working for you.

   After you RIGHT click, a menu will pop up. Select the "Properties" option, usually on the bottom of the menu. The "Display Properties" box will open up. In here you can change stuff like the Wallpaper, Screensaver... Sound familiar? At the top there are tabs, the one on the end usually labeled "Settings", Ya that one, Click it! This tab should have some info about your Video card, Color settings and options for changing the desktop resolution. If you have a 17 inch CRT monitor, you can go ahead and set it to 1024x768 using the provided slider. And set the color to the highest setting available. If you are blessed with good sight for the time being, you may not need to perform the steps below.

I Can't See Damn it!

   If you have changed your desktop resolution, and are having trouble seeing:

Text-- In the Display Properties mentioned above, use the Appearance tab /Font Size, selection to change the size of text. The Effects button will allow you to change the Icon sizes.

Screen Items & Graphics-- Go to the Settings tab in the above steps. At the bottom click the advanced button, Now you should see a dots per inch or DPI setting. Use the drop down box and change to a larger or custom setting.

And there you have it, Now Go Ahead & get some more Screen Real Estate!

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