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    I met one of my best friends when I made that bold and daring comment at work in the break room. I rambled on… “It Is I, VICE, Killer Of Strogg”.

    Little did I know that I was in the presence of Matt “The Craftsman” JediTron, the famous game and mod reviewer of The Planet Quake,
3D Gamer’s Edge website. Such a small world.

    I have been playing video games since just before they invented Atari. But then haven’t we all? I have battled all manner of foe the game companies care to program up for me to kill. But I can tell you there’s nothing like gaming with friends or family. I have logged many hours on Nintendo 64 (yes the game console), with my father, my karate instructor, and many more hours on the computer with my best friend Matt “The Craftsman”. I encourage you to explore the awesome world of gaming with your friends & family. Because where else can you go and hunt dinosaur after a hard days work, enjoy a good pod race, or just share computer game tweaks with your best friend?

    Some of my friends are strictly console gamers. Sure, getting together on the weekends with friends to console game is fun, When You have the time (LAN-Partying is Way Better though). But NetGaming is always there for you. Even if you only have an hour to spare, you can call up a friend and enjoy an hourlong Frag-Fest. And you dont have to make special plans to do it! Save the planning for LANING, I like to say. I have had some great times after work playing a few rounds of Ghost Recon, MechWarrior4, or on the QuakeII servers that are still going strong today! Playing the Black Hawk Down Demo Servers Was probably the most recent highlight of gaming for me. That is until Battlefield2 was released. Except for LANing, Battlefield2 takes up most of my game time now.

    Many thanks fly out to: TGIF, 4 Dragons, Whoever owns/runs the Living Dead Girl Server, and the rest of the gang for the excellent "Black Hawk Down" maps and hours of gameplay, (You guys made me late or tired for work on many an occassion).

    Nowadays if I'm not found in Battlefield2, you might find me playing the Tribes Vengeance servers for awhile before moving on to Half Life2. So if you see "VICE" on a server, chat up and say Howdy! But bring your game face, cause I love a good challenge. "SMOKE'EM IF YA GOT AMMO" I always say.

    And so it is for this bond that we gamers share, that I dedicate the majority of this website to. And the good news is the best times are yet to be had. So I hope you enjoy my website with a friend or two or three. As I close this rant of mine I have only one last thing to say....


C Ya
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