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Here are some links to Game Reviews, Articles, And other items of interest!
The game reviews covered here are not intended to be in depth, or complete reviews. Rather, they are my personal thoughts, opinions, and impressions of games that I have played, will play, or would like to play.

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Game Reviews etc. Hardware, Gear, etc. Links

 Commanche 4
 Ghost Recon
 Quake IV - VICE Preview
 Quake IV - Yahoo Preview
 Return To Castle Wolfenstien
 Serious Sam, The 2nd Encounter

 Dive Gear
 Tom's Hardware Reviews

 My Dive Logs
 3D Gamer's Edge
 Death's Head Unit
 NAUI Diving Org. Free Block List
 LunaEclipse1 of the "Lill Net Shop"
 Major Geeks
 Q2 Level Heaven
 Back Belt
 Shipping Only!

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